Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Finally, decided on it

Still learning the rules of this new game, publishing a blog. Had been ruminating over it for a long time, but never did it till now.
What prompted me? An email from a friend who says she has one, could I please visit her blog, and send a link to mine. Sometimes, just that little nudge sends you over the edge. So this was mine. I always need these little nudges -and then , things really start moving. Sometimes. Sometimes they take off and then stall. but then , that is life. The platter is always full and at the same time it may be really empty. I don't know. It just depends on my state of mind. If I feel like embracing sunshine, I will see it shining through even on a rainy day; and when I'm down in the dumps, then even winning a virtual marathon won't be speedy enough to give me the required high.
Anyway, this blog will be a mis-match of this and that and those who would be willing to come and visit may just find some pearls of wisdom scattered in the simple sentences. I don't promise anything, but we are here for the ride, so might as well be good to each other while we are about it.

I look forward to connecting.


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