Sunday, May 29, 2011

'Yearnings' , my book of poems...a review by Chryselle

"Finally, I was able to give much-deserved time to Yearnings, a collection of poems by Abha Iyengar. Abha is a very versatile and talented writer. This is the first time I’ve read her verse and it is lovely. This book is sensuous, sultry, full of “strange stirrings”. I rather liked ‘Where love has gone’ which reminded me of regrets, of things said and done, of words leaving the mouth irretrievably. “That’s not what I meant at all” is always a whisper at the end of an argument. I also really liked ‘Raktjaba (Hibiscus)’, ‘Arch’, ‘As the Light Dies’ (which could be fodder for a short story…). ‘Everything Natural’ brought a chuckle (“Early morning smells / of cottage cheese underarms /and smoked tongues..), as did ‘Wait’ (“Don’t grope for the easy things”). Abha has a new flash-fiction collection out called ‘Flash Bites’. Read more about it here."

Thank you, Chryselle.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Flash Fiction collection available online

FLASH BITES by Abha Iyengar is a collection of flash and micro fiction, telling stories in a few words,letting the reader in into a world and allowing her to fill in the gaps to arrive at her own iinterpretations. The stories are sometimes down- to -earth and sometimes surreal. They open a different door to let the light in on what may seem to be the mundane and ordinary. They give an insight into what lies beneath the surface of things, people and places. They are short, pithy, and sharp in their impact.
You can read more about Flash Bites, sample a few excerpts, or buy the book online by visitng this link

To know more about Abha Iyengar and her writing, visit here.
Happy reading...