Monday, February 06, 2017

Flash Bites-reviewewed by Fel Jaramillo Rosario

Abha Iyengar entices you with the remarkable brevity and lyrical tug of her prose and before you know it, you are already drawn into the nooks and crannies of an unfamiliar world--living 61 lives. 
The stories come in hors d'oeuvre sizes but Flash Bites is no fleeting repast because it leaves you with a lot to digest and feel. It moves you to tears (A Father's Blessing) and shakes you to your core (Albatross). You oscillate between sadness and joy, between love and hatred. You grit your teeth in anger and half-wail in sorrow. You smile, You laugh. By the time you metamorphose into a zebra, you shall have hyperventilated with a myriad of emotions. And you need time to emerge from deep empathy. 
Thank you, Abha Iyengar. You have proven once again that you are a superb storyteller. Flash Bites calls for another award.

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