Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Pursuit of Happiness

What is my emotional fuel?

What drives me forwards, energizes me, makes we tick, makes me breathe, makes me dance, makes me come alive in a thousand different ways?

If I find that answer, I have found it all.

And this is something which we all need to do, to stay clued into our life and make it happen, as far as it will go, as high as we can take it. And as we flounder in the pulling back by all those who advise us (well-meant and far-thinking and so absolutely didactic in their manifestations), we must remember us.


What we are. What we are meant to be. We pay a price for finding ourselves. We pay a greater price if we lose ourselves, or never find out what we are all about. Everybody has an agenda, so why should we not make ours as well? As long as we live life as others want it for us (and how suitable indeed this is for them), then the fragmentation of us is to happen for sure. The scattering of the self in so many different areas; in so many different ways.

The pursuit of happiness is not wrong.

Whoever told us that it is wrong was pushing his own ends.

We need to pursue our happiness, relentlessly and faithfully. There is no one person like us. There is no one who is our self other than us. We have to hear our own drummer. We have to listen to our song in the wind. We have to stand on our own shores, climb our own mountains and do our thing.

We need to do what makes us happy. The pursuit of our happiness will make us happy, and we will then share our happiness with those around us. We are like the sun. We need our fire and energy in order to spread it around.


I know what drives me. I know what I want.

Even if I don’t know yet, I will take the steps to find out. I need to know me.

I need my emotional fuel for my happiness.

I will be happy.